Drunken FC Pitch Deck

What is Drunken FC?

  • Drunken FC is a party game for up to 4 players where you use controller sticks to move the feet of your character and try to score as many goals as possible in a game of football (soccer)
  • You play 1v1 or 2v2 matches with up to 4 players.
  • It has physics-based gameplay with unique control mechanics (see below)
  • The game was developed in Unity.

Watch Gameplay Video

Game visuals


Play the Demo on Steam

Full version

Download Drunken FC at this Google Drive link.

If you prefer Steam Keys, please write to andras@redherringlabs.com.

For review purposes only. Please do not distribute.

Overview of Mechanics

Unique Mechanics!


Physics mayhem! You only move the feet, the rest of the body is handled by physics, resulting in hilarious animations, falls, bumps, and poses.

Player basic actions:

    • MOVE around by moving your feet.
    • KICK the ball by moving their feet
    • Perform a DIRECTIONAL KICK at a tiny time cost
    • SLIDE on the ground in any direction
    • LUNGE in any direction
    • PLANT YOUR FEET to block kicks and avoid falling over

New player experience

The game is easy to learn.

When a player plays for the first time, it only takes a few seconds for them to grasp the basic controls.

Any gamer who has used a controller before, will immediately go to the sticks and start to move them.

The LEFT STICK – LEFT FOOT, RIGHT STICK – RIGHT FOOT connection is almost immediately evident.

A fun tutorial level teaches the player the other mechanics, such as sliding, lunging, and the directional kick.

Game scope and modes

There are two game modes:

    • TIMED: The match has a fixed length. After the time has expired, the team with the most points wins.
    • MAX GOALS: The players can set a certain amount of goals to score. For example, the first team to score 10 goals wins.

There are four levels, each with a different aesthetic.


Steam Demo
This is completed and the demo is playable on Steam.

Steam Early Access
Can be used as a marketing tool.

Steam Release
The game is essentially ready for release, the full version is fully functional.

Development of online multiplayer:
The game needs online multiplayer. At this point I need to hand off the project to skilled programmers and a publisher who can implement the online multiplayer mode.

Xbox release:
The publisher needs to handle porting because this would be beyond my skills.

PlayStation release:
The publisher needs to handle porting because this would be beyond my skills.

What do I need from the publisher?

I need the publisher to allocate some of their own resources for the following tasks:

    • Release and marketing of the game on Steam.
    • Developing online multiplayer mode. I will hand over the project source.
    • Porting the game to consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Switch (optional))
    • Anything that is not pure game development, such as social media presence, distribution, QA, PR, and marketing, because I suck at these, and don’t have the resources for them.


I’m just one guy 🙂

I am András Asztalos, I’m 47, I live in Hungary. I’ve been in game development since 2006.

Game dev achievements in order of awesomeness:

Rating issues, possible rebranding

For some publishers, the implied consumption of alcohol, the themes of getting drunk, and drunkenness may be off-putting. If you are a representative of such a publisher, please keep in mind that I’m open to rebranding the game as a more family-oriented title.

In this case, we can remove the depiction of beer cans, and the game will be renamed, replacing the word Drunken with something less scary.