Another World postmortem

March 31, 2013

For those interested in game development: a look back on how the classic game Another World (Out of this world) was made, back in 1991. A somewhat slow, but charming and honest postmortem presentation by Erich Chahi, the creator of this classic game.

One Response to “Another World postmortem”

  1. Lawson Says:

    I’ve seen this game played on youtube years after playing your Morningstar game and I actually felt a correlation in the look and feel of the games. Interesting how you’re aware of the game “another world”

    Also, might I add, your game “Hetherdale” never leaves my mind. I’m also yet to find a movie or another game that gives a similar feeling, it makes me wish to go into the secrets of the Congo jungle and uncover a mystery.
    To think of it, 2013 Tomb Raider comes close.

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